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Mix Vegetable Curry Indian curry Receipe Youtube

Mix Vegetable Indian curry receipe prepared with varietes of vegetable

  1. 5 tbsp - refined oil / coconut oil
  2. 3 tsp of "panchforan" (5 mixed Indian full seed spices consisting of equal volumes of fenugreek, mustard, cumin, kalaunji, azwain)
  3. 3 medium onions - sliced longitudinally
  4. 5 green chillies chopped
  5. 30 gm ginger peeled and chopped
  6. 2 large tomatoes chopped
  7. 100 gm each of - button mushroom, beans, carrot, capsicum, cauliflower, green peas
  8. 50 gm - cashewnut
  9. 1 tsp - red chilli powder
  10. 3 tsp - turmeric powder
  11. 2 tsp - chat masala (optional)
  12. 5 pods of green cardamom
  13. 3 tbsp - fresh cream (for additional taste)
  14. salt to taste.

  1. Wash, clean and chop all vegetables into small pieces.
    Keep the chopped capsicum aside and parboil the rest of the vegetables.
  2. Place the "kadai" (a deep frying pan - similar to wok) on medium flame and pour oil.
  3. Gently heat the oil till some fumes appear and add "panchforan".
  4. Almost immediately after put the chopped onions.
  5. Once the onions start attaining brownish tinge, add chopped green chilies and almost
  6. immediately after that put chopped tomatoes, all this while keep gently stirring the mix till
  7. tomato pieces are softened enough and start looking semi-paste.
  8. Add mixed boiled vegetables; gently mix the vegetables with the contents in the kadai.
  9. Add turmeric powder and red chili powder.
  10. Add salt.
  11. Stir the mix for around 2 minutes and add chopped capsicum.
  12. Sprinkle some water as required. Cover it with lid and reduce flame to simmer for about 5 minutes.
  13. Remove the lid and stir the mix again thoroughly for 2 minutes.
  14. Add cashew nut and full green cardamom.
  15. Add 3 cups of water, stir gently till curry starts boiling. Cover with lid and leave for another 1 minute.
  16. Switch off the stove and wait for 3 minutes for the flavor to develop.
  17. Remove the lid and wait for a few minutes for the preparation to cool down slightly.
  18. Now top up the curry with fresh cream and serve.
  19. Garnish with coriander leaves if you like.

Mix Vegetable curry Youtube


Rondell said...
September 10, 2009 at 2:23 PM

Y'all should put some chicken and baco's up in there and you got yourselves a feast!

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