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How To Make "Kairi panha" or "Aam Panha" ?

In the Summer Season the People Drinks Cold Juice. In the Maharashtra the Summer Season the Local People mostly takes the drink of "Kairiche panhe".That's drink name is Maharashtrian for this Raw Mango Drink."Kairi" means 'Marathi' name of Raw Mango."Aam panna" is 'Hindi' name for this drink.Mango are Available in only Summer Season and raw mango drink can be made in March and April when the raw Mangoes are available.into Thick Pulp and keep in the fridge and use it for a month or so.

How To Make "Kairi panha" or "Aam Panha" ?..

Ingredients of Kairi Panah or Aam Panah, to make 6-8 glasses panah.

* Raw Mango pulp 1 Cup.
* sugar or Jaggery -1/2 to 1 cup.Jaggery tastes better,gives good color.
* Saffron strands -1/4 tsp.
* Cardamom power -1/2 tsp.
* Salt-a pinch.


1. Wash the Kairi or Raw Mangoes Boil Water in a pot.
2. Put Mangoes in that and boil till mangoes are soft .it will take about 10-15 can pressure cook the mangoes.
3. Let the mangoes cool. remove the skin and the inner send and keep the pulp.
4. Blend the pulp well with the jaggery in the blender or you can mash it well with your hand.
5. Add cardamom powder and saffron.the thick pulp is ready .
6. you can prepare the thick pulp and keep it in the fridge.
7. when you want to serve,add about 1/4 glass pulp in to a glass,top with cold water. stir to mix well .
8. Add ice cubes and serve.


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